Development of Pattani Port
SMC (in association) was responsible for the study, detail design and tender documentation for a breakwater and sand entrapment groynes at Laem Tachi, Pattani.  Laem Tachi is a sand spit forming the seaward extent of Pattani Bay. 

Approximately 120,000 cum of littoral sands move westward along Laem Tachi annually.  This sand causes the tip of Laem Tachi to move into the line of the shipping channel of Pattani fishing port, before moving on to reappear on the beaches 16km west of Pattani.  In order to reduce annual dredging costs in relation to a proposed deeper port access channel, it was planned to construct a 400 m long sand entrapment groyne at Laem Tachi.  This would also serve to stabilise the tip of Laem Tachi. As a consequence of interrupting the littoral movement of sands from Laem Tachi, erosion of the beaches west of Pattani was predicted to occur.  Accordingly, the works also included the provision of beach protection groynes for a distance of 6km along the coast to the west.

The study phase identified potential future works for Pattani Port which might further assist in reducing recurrent annual dredging costs within Pattani Bay. The study of the proposed works included mathematical modelling of the sources of littoral sediments, an environmental impact assessment and an economic feasibility assessment. Following the study, design works for Pattani Port facilities were undertaken by SMC including sand entrapment groynes, beach protection groynes, breakwater, navigation channel, channel dredging, reclamation, berth structures and onshore support facilities.

In earlier work (1980s) SMC designed and supervised channel dredging works to allow deeper draft fishing boats to use the port conveniently. The spoil from dredging was used to create a seafront park.
project details

client: Harbour Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications
services: Study Design, Tender Documentation
period: 1994 - 95