Kerry Logistics Warehouses #102 & #103
Bangna, Thailand
SMC undertook the structural design of this project for Kerry Logistics Thailand as the design consultant for the design-build team led by Italian-Thai Development. The warehouses were to be extensions to one already existing, and to be built in 2 phases:
  • Phase 1 comprised warehouse 102, with offices and a mezzanine floor: Ground Floor Area 12,788m2 ;1st Floor Area 5,635m2
    Rest area building of 2,000m2 and an on-grade car park of 7,800m2
  • Phase 2 warehouse 103: Ground Floor Area: 14,186m2
SMC’s scope of work also included the review of the floor slab to the existing warehouse 101 and provision for the strengthening of that, and the civil engineering to the entire site including road, pavements and drainage.

Subsequently warehouse 103 was re-designed to accommodate an increase of 20% to the floor load and insertion of a mezzanine floor of 5000m2.

project details

client: ITD PCL for Kerry Logistics Thailand
services: Coordination of design team and structural design
period: 2016-19