New Staff Recreational Facilities
Rayong, Thailand
The Family Park is a recreational and training facility in Rayong for a major Thai public corporation intended for use by its staff members and their families. The corporation’s aims are to encourage learning as well as both indoor and outdoor out-of-hours recreation, with the goal of increasing overall staff well-being.
The development is set a landscaped park and includes an indoor gym with mixed sports facility, a training centre with provision for multi-function activities, a canteen and a museum tracing the history of the corporation.  Set within the park are outdoor sports facilities, refreshment stations and an amphitheatre. SMC undertook the structural engineering design of these main buildings as well as the outdoor refreshment stations and amphitheatre in reinforced concrete, with the exception of the museum which was designed as a steel structure.
project details

client: Undisclosed
services: Structural Engineering Design
period: 2018-21